The Case of the Bullets at the Ballet, C.S. Boag

This was a re-read over the long weekend and a perfect way to fill in an afternoon in the sun.

From the Blurb:

A trip to Paris in the company of a beautiful dame would be many men's idea of heaven. But a flight to France with the gorgeous Helen Damnation rapidly spirals into a journey to hell. Rainbow's daughter's missing and he doesn't know who's taken her - or why. Nor does he know where she might have gone, until he enlists the help of a childhood mate - now a spy - Ace Mollema. But can he trust the spook? Or the beautiful dame, for that matter? Above all, can he save the kid? Sparks fly when Rainbow assumes a temporary identity to get a passport - and those sparks quickly turn to fire. Can Rainbow rescue his daughter? And if he does, can he work out the significance of the Bullets at the Ballet ...

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