#amreading Punishment, Anne Holt

Time to immerse myself again in Scandinavian crime fiction, although this is a re-read of a book that's been recently re-released. The first in the Stubo and Vik series.

From the Blurb:

"A serial killer is on the loose, abducting and murdering children in a way that confounds the police, before returning the child's body to the mother with a desperately cruel note: You Got What You Deserved. It is a perplexing and terrible case, and Police Superintendent Adam Stubo is in charge of finding the killer. In a desperate bid to get some answers, he recruits legal researcher Johanne Vik, a woman with an extensive understanding of criminal history. So far the killer has abducted three children, but one child has not yet been returned to her mother. Is there a chance she is still alive? And can the pair solve the case in time?"

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