#amreading Pancake Money, Finn Bell

A bit of a chilly, sometimes showery weekend meant any excuse for some reading - and this was the standout of the entire bunch.

From the Blurb:

Bobby Ress is a cop.

He believes in God and making a difference. 

He loves his wife and he loves his daughter. 

He has a place in the world. 

Then people start dying, a lot of them, in horrible ways. And step by gruesome step the simple, true things Bobby knew to be right and good begin to make less and less sense. His partner Pollo tells him he's being too much of a boy scout to be a cop. His wife, Em tells him he should stop being a cop. And Bobby doesn't know what to tell his daughter anymore. 

Because Bobby is learning about pain. He doesn't like to admit it. He doesn't like to know, but he does now. If you hurt someone bad enough for long enough then there's nothing, absolutely nothing, they won't do. 

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