#amreading Out on the Ice, Grant Nicol

This over the weekend for a number of reasons. Firstly "ice". It was so mind-numbingly, life-threateningly hot here over the weekend I needed distraction. Then although set in Iceland, Nicol is a New Zealander and I'm back reading a lot of NZ fiction at the moment. Finally at 98 or so pages long it was a perfect filler between forays into the stinking horrible heat to try to keep livestock pointing in the right direction.

From the Blurb:

One brief but tragic moment out on a frozen Reykjavík lake changes Sóley’s life forever. Now, looking back on the last twenty-three years of her life, she attempts to make sense of it all. The tears, the pain and the lives lost along the way. 

No one ever told her bringing up a son all on her own would be easy but not in her wildest dreams did she imagine it might be so hard. 

Together Jakob and her have walked alone through the worst that Iceland could throw at them and now she’s here to tell you her tale. 

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