#amreading The Long Weekend, Terry R Barca

I've been wandering around in the Ned Kelly Submission list a bit recently - will be returning back to the Best Crime list asap as there's a few books on it I've yet to read as well. 

From the Blurb:

Sam and Scarlett have been married for a little over a year. Scarlett has recently inherited her fathers multimillion dollar business empire and Sam has retired from being a private detective to help Scarlett run the business. A four day weekend at the Windsor, designed as a ‘getaway’ from the pressures of their new life is interrupted by Detective Inspector Blank, who tries to entice Sam out of retirement to help him with a high profile murder committed not far from Sam and Scarlett’s iconic hotel, The Windsor.

Sam and Scarlett are determined to enjoy their time together but Sam’s fame as a mystery writer and private detective seem determined to drag them into this mystery.

Melbourne’s finest old hotel, wine, whisky, cafes, restaurants, fashion, daggers, policemen, beautiful cars, and a mature couple very much in love, all play their part in an adventure that unfolds over a LONG WEEKEND.

As for ‘whodunit?’

The ending lays out the likely killer but the story does not need a capture, arrest and conviction.

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