#amreading Into the Fog, Sandi Wallace

Started reading the third Georgie Harvey / John Franklin novel by Sandi Wallace last week ... this time set in the Dandenong Ranges, which was a bit of a blast from past - rain / storms / fog / trees down / cold. Vaguely remember how all of that worked.

From the Blurb:

How could police lose three children?

Three missing children.

A wild storm.

A long way from home.

Melbourne journalist Georgie Harvey is on hand when three children disappear from a police-run camp in the Dandenong Ranges.

When Daylesford cop John Franklin hears the news, he is on secondment 200 kilometres away. Feeling responsible for the local kids, he abandons his post to join the search.

Somebody saw the children.

Somebody knows something.

Every minute is vital.

Frustration and desperation mount as the polar storm intensifies. Pushed to the outer by local detectives, Franklin and Georgie find cyber links to a serial predator and another missing girl, and will risk everything in their race to avert tragedy.

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