#amreading Flare-Up, Felicity Young

I'm an idiot and I'm now two books from different series by author Felicity Young behind. So last night I tossed a coin to decide which one comes first - Flare-Up it is, to be followed closely by A Donation of Murder.

From the Blurb:

Outback murders, dodgy thieves, organised crime and arson - a small outback community is crackling with nerves, as Cam Fraser investigates.

Sergeant Cam Fraser's letter of resignation is signed sealed but as yet undelivered. It's sitting in the car when he travels out to help the wife of an old acquaintance with a bit of shearing. Rita's husband Pizzle has gone missing so Cam is lending a hand, but there's a stench around the shearing shed that he can't ignore. What Cam finds when he searches inside will derail his plans for retirement and set a rural community -- already on alert for an arsonist lighting bushfires -- on edge.

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