#amreading The Empty Coffin, Gary Moore

Another from the previously reading pile.

From the Blurb:

When Dean Bradley is brutally murdered for his new shoes, undertaker Ken Tamati does a lovely job on the corpse — but next morning, the body has vanished from the funeral parlour.

That day, a mysterious figure — witnesses give wildly conflicting descriptions — begins rescuing victims of assault all over Auckland and healing their horrific injuries with a dazzling light. They call him the Rainbow Man.

Who is he? The police and media think the stories of apparent miracles can’t possibly be true. The public thinks this may be the Second Coming.

Meanwhile a brutal serial killer is about to strike again; young Tom Heke is on the run from both the police and a fearsome Maori gang; and Constable Mary Clark puzzles her colleagues by knowing more about the Rainbow Man than she should.

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