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New book by Kathryn Fox

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I've added details on Kathryn Fox's third novel, Skin and Bone, which has just been published.  This book is not part of the Anya Chrichton series, but features Kate Farrer, the detective from Malicious Intent.

Fox, on her website has said that Anya will be back in the next book, but that she also has lots of plot ideas for other lead characters, some of whom appeared in Malicious Intent.


After rising before sparrow's, and a 90 minute flight, I arrived in Melbourne early on Friday morning.  Leaving my luggage with Karen's neighbour at his office in the city, I fortified myself with coffee, and proceeded to wander the streets of Melbourne while I waited for Sunnie to arrive on the train from Karen's country property.  In my meanderings I somehow found myself in Kill City bookshop, and left an hour or so later with Sunnie ...